Creating tailor-made, on order, it is above all for me a story of meetings. The exchange gives a life which has a meaning, the elements express themselves together: Earth, water, air, fire and the object becomes truly unique.

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A dream where materials work together

The ceramic pieces are shaped by hand, I work from drawings, sometimes also from a model built according to the wishes and constraints of each client. I marry the different stoneware, porcelain and different shaping techniques to achieve the most just what each client is looking for.

For ceramic basins almost all shapes are possible, from the simplest to the most design. I listen to everyone's needs and tastes so that the finished piece is like a real exchange. Likewise in gardening, the soil, the cooking, the enameling, the shape, the design (in one or more parts), the weight, the texture of the finishes are adapted to the needs of the client and his plants.

In crockery, furniture, decoration or gardening perhaps "tailor-made":

- a specific size request for a piece chosen from the collections

- a personalization request (logo, name, etc.)
- a completely new request for a part (size, shape, color, use, etc.)