Cécile Martin, creative and passionate

Welcome to my world, I am happy to share with you my job, my lands, my pieces... Nature is for me a source of inspiration. "Entre Terres" is a link between nature, matter, collaboration and transmission. Looking forward to meeting you at the workshop

Contemporary ceramics

Crockery - Furniture - Sculpture. I offer a wide range of contemporary pieces in porcelain and stoneware collection. All these ceramic pieces are hand made in the workshop. They are unique pieces, signed, shaped with technique, time, work and above all a lot of passion

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100% French made to measure creations  

Ceramics at the service of your needs. For me, it is above all a story of encounters. The exchange gives meaning, the elements express themselves together: earth, water, air, fire and the object becomes truly unique.

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From professional to professional

Whatever your profession, let's write new stories together! Restaurants and hotels, architects and decorators, landscapers and florists, craftsmen and artists, retailers and specifiers.

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For this order, the turning of the parts is primarily required.
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  • The caress of the reliefs
  • Searching for the unique beauty of a setting sun
  • Breath of winter, softness of snow
  • Mark of time, beauty is made of imperfections
  • The light of black, the strength of the lines

The "Entre terres" workshop is first of all a meeting where paths converge: yours, his and that of the Terres d'argile. Share with us this path open to the environment, the material and others.

I have the taste
to transmit and
to share the most


Member of the Ateliers
d’Art de France

I like the challenge of a new collection, or custom-made, I see them as research and innovation projects, as new possible paths. My heart beats above all for clay, stoneware or porcelain, for the infinite freedom they offer. I work by playing with these multiple matieres, associating them by marrying their differences. The garden and the furnishing of the house are my favourite grounds, the earth and nature my sources of inspiration. I create made-to-measure pieces and sculptures with the same concern for exchange. Between my skills and your needs, the volumes earn a life that makes sense.

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