Ateliers d'art de France

Entre Terres is a member of the Ateliers d 'Art de France, a professional union for fine crafts. Its vocation: to promote, represent, defend the sector of fine crafts and contribute to the economic development of professionals in France and abroad.

What is a craft?

An essential part of the creative economy, the arts and crafts sector brings together nearly 38,000 companies in France. They are practiced in the fields of creation as well as in those of reconstruction, repair and restoration of heritage.

The exercise of crafts activities is characterized by four cumulative criteria:

• Mastery of complex gestures, techniques and know-how with a view to transforming the material;

• The works produced require an artistic contribution and bear the imprint of their creator and the workshop from which they come;

• The works are produced in their entirety individually, in single pieces or in small series;

• The works are by nature durable.

Official definition of arts and crafts

“Art professions are natural persons and social managers of legal persons who exercise, on a primary or secondary basis, an independent activity of production, creation, transformation or reconstitution, repair and restoration of heritage, characterized by mastery of gestures and techniques with a view to working with the material and requiring an artistic contribution. ”


The selection of the "Atelier d'Art de France" workshops is made by a commission of inquiry. Only professional craftspeople whose income depends on the production activity of the workshop in France are eligible.

The eligibility committee decides on the following three criteria:

• Possession of a production workshop, on French soil

• Technical mastery and the exercise of know-how specific to the crafts

• Creativity, the quality of the pieces thus produced.