Winter dream

The porcelain rivals with the whiteness of the snow, enamel crystals (nucleations) sparkle like frost. The winter season that I love so much is a time for contemplation and calm but only in appearance as nature is busy recovering and preparing .

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The first porcelain I liked and worked on was called "Mont Blanc", which reunited my mountain life with my life as a potter.

For the " winter dreams" collection, the refined reliefs of porcelain layers are discreet. The pieces are coated with  layers of porcelaine of pure whiteness. The enamel brings a slight shade of color and the nucleations bring life to the piece.

When the snow covers everything with white, it smoothens the reliefs but it also creates new ones. The wind, which we call here " burle ", sculpts the snow creating ephemeral landscapes. " Winter dreams" tells of these dream-like landscapes, these lines of frozen ridges which disappear so quickly that we no longer know if they were really here. 

" Winter dream" is a collection in which the apparent simplicity of white leaves room for others. Everyone will tell their story. The pieces in this collection, cups, plates, vases, etc., enhance what they contain.