Architects & Decorators

The Atelier " Entre Terres " proposes here different examples of problems that the workshop can answer. Working with other professionals, other trades is for me synonymous with partnerships, meetings and exchanges. It is always a shared richness.

En savoir plus

Tell me about your projects, let's pool our skills to create unique pieces adapted to your needs. I will present you different solutions (materials, enamels, ...) to meet your desires and put my know-how at your service.

I will draw up a free estimate that differentiates between the work of prototypes and the price of the parts. I manufacture prestige parts, so there is no minimum order quantity.
The workshop is committed to the exclusive production of the parts for you.
The parts will all be personalized to your image.
The manufacturing lead times are established in the quotation, they vary according to the parts from 1 to 3 months approximately.

Unique pieces of arts and crafts

I propose you pieces of crockery, decoration, furnishing for the interior as well as for the exterior (in stoneware or porcelain).
These unique pieces are handmade in my workshop, are guaranteed without any toxic products, they are fired at very high temperatures for maximum durability.All the pieces are easy to maintain. They are resistant to hot and cold (no frost).