The cracks are a mark, an imprint of time, of life and history. The " Fissures " collection is marked by a desire to assume fragility, time and flaws.

The pieces in this collection are part of a "Wabisabi" approach. Whether they are highlighted by color, other materials (wood, cane, gold, etc.) or whether they remain blank, cracks tell a story.

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A dream where materials work together

This story is sometimes made of beautiful encounters, this is the case for the pieces "Entre Terres et Kintsugi". These meetings with Myriam Greff are rich in both professional and aesthetic terms. We work together on some pieces from this collection using the kintsugi technique (artistic restoration of broken objects). Working together with 4 hands is both challenging and stimulating.

These pieces are part of a more global research of the Entre Terres workshop. The enhancement of the restoration reflects on the importance of the sustainability of an object. Contrary to the obsolescence of pieces of mass production, the work of art combines aesthetics, utility, and durability. Through restoration, the object keeps its history, it lives on after the " cracks " and its journey is enriched. The wound healed, it becomes stronger and more beautiful !