Small porcelain jug "...
Small porcelain jug "...
Small porcelain jug "...

Small porcelain jug " Winter dream "

Small porcelain jug, exterior relief with " Winter dream" decor, snowy landscape on a mountain range. Crystal enamel interior.

Délai de livraison : 4 jours

" Winter dream" is a collection in which the apparent simplicity of white leaves room for others. Everyone will tell their story. The pieces of this collection, cups, plates, vases, jug, etc, are a case for what they contain. The porcelain highlighted after the shoot competes in white. The enamel nucleated inside the rooms is inspired by ice crystals and winter flakes. Celebration of winter, snow on the mountains, season conducive to various dreams.

Matière : Porcelaine
Weight : 250 gr
Diamètre : 5 cm
Collection : Rêve divers

As it is established that the realization of each piece is handmade, that each piece is unique, there can be variations in the aspect of details between the product presented to the order and the final product. These differences can in no way be used as a reason to cancel the order or to refuse the parts produced.

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