Made-to-measure porcelain...
Made-to-measure porcelain...
Made-to-measure porcelain...

Made-to-measure porcelain tableware and jewellery

The Le Puy en Velay lace teaching centre asked me to create a series of bespoke crockery and jewellery in porcelain and stoneware to immortalise certain models of Le Puy lace in the earth. Made to measure to highlight the magnificent and ancestral work of the Le Puy lacemakers.

A hundred or so unique pieces have been created for their catalogue. Pendants, earrings, trays, photophore, cups, plates etc.


The ceramic pieces are fired at a very high temperature according to the rules of art. They are all handmade and guaranteed "métier d'art de France".

As it is established that the realization of each piece is handmade, that each piece is unique, there can be variations in the aspect of details between the product presented to the order and the final product. These differences can in no way be used as a reason to cancel the order or to refuse the parts produced.