Ceramic sculpture...

Ceramic sculpture "Monolithe - 5"

Contemporary ceramic sculpture.
Metallic black stoneware "monolith". Stackable as a totem, three modules 40cm high can be combined up to the desired height.

Delivery time : 4 à 8 jours

Monoliths are monochrome black, red or white, they can be two-tone. Customizable in engraved text or texture. They are perfectly resistant to bad weather and frost. In the terraced garden, or inside, they are a powerful decoration of presence while revealing what surrounds them. They can be enamelled, or associated with other materials.

Each pieces is unique.

Variation in lighting, fountain…: request a project study.

Matière : Grès noir
Weight : 70 kgs
Height : 185 cm
Width : 21 cm
Collection : Monolithe
longueur : 21 cm

As it is established that the realization of each piece is handmade, that each piece is unique, there can be variations in the aspect of details between the product presented to the order and the final product. These differences can in no way be used as a reason to cancel the order or to refuse the parts produced.

Frost resistant