Table "pyra 60" black...
Table "pyra 60" black...
Table "pyra 60" black...
Table "pyra 60" black...
Table "pyra 60" black...

Table "pyra 60" black stoneware

Stoneware and wood, these coffee tables open to provide storage space. Various sizes or made to measure. They consist of a foot in black-colored chamotte earth, the printing of materials or surface engravings. A recess allows to fix a stable seat in treated wood without toxic product for inside or outside, they are guaranteed not frost-resistant. Worked at high temperature, the sandstone is no longer frost-resistant and is guaranteed to last.

In order to ensure a secure delivery quality, this product is packed in a reinforced box which causes specific delivery costs. You can also choose to contact the Entre Terres workshop for another delivery method.

Delivery time : 4 à 8 jours

The « Pyra » table is ideal for every room in the home. In the living room but also in the bathroom. It can be used to collect laundry, to sit on and is also for practical storage. There are several dimensions and we can make-to-measure. The chest table has a black stoneware base and a wooden lid. The imprints or engravings along with the grain or smoothness of the wood give a harmonious contrasted finition. Each article is handmade with natural materials. It can be used outside as it is frost resistant.

Matière : Grès et bois
Weight : 45 kgs
Height : 60 cm
Collection : Trompe l'oeil
longueur : 42 cm

As it is established that the realization of each piece is handmade, that each piece is unique, there can be variations in the aspect of details between the product presented to the order and the final product. These differences can in no way be used as a reason to cancel the order or to refuse the parts produced.