Large porcelain dish
Large porcelain dish
Large porcelain dish

Large porcelain dish

Large dish, porcelain, " Trompe l' œil" collection, wood imitation enamel inside the dish. Random torn oval cutout shape, approx. 38 cm long and 20 cm wide

Delivery time : 1 mois

This porcelain presentation dish from the "Trompe l' œil" collection plays with the impression of wood. The fineness of the porcelain becomes torn material. The dishes, like all the pieces in the "Entre Terres" workshop, come from work without any solvent or toxic, all the raw materials are made in the workshop while respecting the environment. . They are resistant and dishwasher safe ... All the pieces are unique

Matière : Porcelaine
Weight : 750 g
Width : 20 cm
Collection : Trompe l'oeil
longueur : 38 cm

As it is established that the realization of each piece is handmade, that each piece is unique, there can be variations in the aspect of details between the product presented to the order and the final product. These differences can in no way be used as a reason to cancel the order or to refuse the parts produced.

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