Haute-Loire, land of inspiration

Haute-Loire, land of inspiration

Inspired by the mountains of the Haute-Loire. Time, which, centuries after centuries, has rounded the mountains of Auvergne, guides the hand to polish the layers of earth and invites to caress. The cracks become beautiful. Contrast in black and white, I bet the opponent gets rich.

Let yourself be touched by the 

natural beauty

To discover them, to feed and inspire oneself ...

This volcanic wealth, exploited by man, has provided the materials for an exceptional built heritage. The traditional houses with walls more than one meter thick have roofs covered with phonolite slate. The "sucs" are the delight of hiking enthusiasts. The volcanic rock makes walking sing. The flora is remarkable.

From their summits, the panoramas are magnificent: views of the Alps, the Forez mountains, the sunrises. 

An unmissable visual stroll!